Type 1 diabetes can affect any child. That’s why we want to raise awareness of what type 1 diabetes is and how you can recognise it. YOU CAN FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN TAKE PART HERE.

Become a social media ambassador

Help us ensure that children and young people know about type 1 diabetes and receive a timely diagnosis. Whether you are a journalist, influencer or parent – you can support us with your network and reach. Post about the Hero K1ds on social media, take a photo with one of our posters or share this website.
What are your superpowers? Share superhero photos with us or tell us why you, your children or the children in your community are superheroes. We will share your photos and stories.

Become a school ambassador

For students

Would you like to talk about type 1 diabetes in your school class or club so that everyone knows about the symptoms? Then become a Hero K1ds ambassador. Talk about the topic with your friends or in your class. Here you will find materials that can help you create a presentation or report.

If you send us a photo or video of your campaign we will happily share your story on our social media channels. 

Werde Schul-Botschafter*in

Für Schüler*innen

Du möchtest in deiner Schulklasse oder in deinem Verein über das Thema Typ-1-Diabetes sprechen, damit jeder über die Symptome Bescheid weiß? Dann werde Hero-K1ds-Botschafter*in! Spreche mit deinen Freunden oder in deiner Klasse über das Thema. Hier findest du Materialien, die dir beim Erstellen einer Präsentation oder eines Referats helfen können.

Schickt uns gerne ein Foto oder ein Video von eurer Aktion und wir teilen euer Engagement auf unseren Social-Media-Kanälen.

For teachers

As many people are unaware of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, the disease is often only recognised once it has become serious. At the same time, children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes are often faced with a lot of prejudice. You can raise awareness of type 1 diabetes in your class by including the topic in your lessons. Here you will find materials and links for a lesson on type 1 diabetes. You can also contact us for a virtual class visit by our experts.

For parents

As a parent, you can encourage your children or their teachers to talk about type 1 diabetes in class. Of course, you can also take part in our studies with your children or donate money to further advance our research.

Participate in our research

As a study participant

Are you expecting a baby, or have you just become a parent and would like to support our research? If you live in the German federal state of Saxony, Lower Saxony or Bavaria, you can take your child to the newborn screening to participate in the Freder1k study. Children in the study are tested for an increased genetic risk of developing type 1 diabetes. Children at increased risk may also be included in other GPPAD studies investigating new strategies to prevent type 1 diabetes. Find out more about our SINT1A and POInT prevention studies.

Do you have a child aged between two and ten and want to find out if they are showing early signs of type 1 diabetes? Here you can find out more about the Fr1da study, which tests blood for early autoantibodies.

As a researcher

Are you a scientist doing research on type 1 diabetes? The Global Platform for the Prevention of Autoimmune Diabetes (GPPAD) has compiled a large biobank and database with extensive sample material. You can find out more here.

These individuals and institutions have already activated their superpowers.

Bayerische Staatskanzlei

Bavaria’s minister for European affairs Melanie Huml, MdL:

„During my time as Minister of Health in Bavaria, I actively supported the research programs for early detection of type 1 diabetes in children. We have to increase the awareness for type 1 diabetes in parents. After all, early diagnosis and timely treatment are the only way to prevent serious secondary diseases that develop later. For this reason, we gladly supported the Fr1da-and Fr1da-Plus study conducted at the Helmholtz Munich Institute for Diabetes Research. Also, at EU level I am noticing promising developments and results. Especially within the EU we have to form a strong network to combat the most common metabolic disease in children and adolescent successfully.“


Lyn Künster introduces the Superhero Squad at press conference:

 „Social Media is a very important platform nowadays, that can reach thousands or even millions of people. This also holds true for the K1DS ARE HEROES Campaign. That’s why I am part of the Superhero Squad. Together with professional soccer player Sandra Starke, professional basketball player Fabian Bleck, Content Creator Bastian Niemeier, and Blogger Lea Raak, I am supporting the campaign. We are using our reach on social media to spread to word – because we all know, what it means to have type 1 diabetes. We all have type 1 diabetes ourselves and wholeheartedly support the mission of the campaign. I hope we reach as many people as possible with the campaign.“

Strong support from research and society

The campaign is only made possible in collaboration with our numerous long-standing network partners. We would like to thank the German Center for Diabetesresearch (DZD), the Network of Paediatricians, the German Diabetic Association (DDB), Helmsley Trust, the Deutsche Diabeteshilfe, diabetes-kids.de, Diabetes Anker (MedTrixGroup), and many more. Thank you for the collaboration!

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